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Useful Links

Check out the Devon Environment Map - scroll down to 'I accept' and find an extraordinary amount of information on maps with overlays.

A remote sensing method which reveals anomalies in the ground - very useful in archeological work.  Works well in conjunction with the above.

A really useful website offering information about local history societies, research resources and online courses.

Many articles linked to the history of Devon.

.Lots of information related to Exeter

A great resource.  Click Basemaps top right and you get two maps to compare how a place has changed over time.  Underneath you can select different maps.

All content is now free including Magna Brittania for Devonshire.

Places to visit for those with an interest in the history or heritage of Devon.

A family history web site that is 100% free.  Includes a free guide that shows, step by step, how anyone can trace their ancestors back to the 1700's without spending a penny.

Whimple News website

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