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                            Leave a Gift in Your Will

We have already achieved so much thanks to the generosity of those who love Whimple’s heritage, but there is still more to be done. Make Whimple’s history part of your life story by leaving us a gift in your will.

You can remember us in your will in a number of different ways:

1.    You can leave us a gift of a specific item such as a piece of furniture or jewellery. If our curator considers it appropriate then we might add your gift to our collection and display it from time to time. If not, then we might sell it and use the proceeds to support our work. 
2.    You can leave us a sum of money.
3.    You can leave us a percentage share of your residuary estate eg. 10% of what is left after all funeral expenses, debts and other legacies have been paid.

We greatly appreciate all the gifts which are left to us. If you would like to remember us in your will then please give your solicitor or will writer the following information:

Whimple History Society, Lockyers Linhay, Church Road, Whimple, Devon, EX5 2TA (Charity registration number 1051725).

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