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Whiteways Cyder

Whimple was the home of the main Whiteway's cyder factory for almost one hundred years from 1891. 

The Heritage Centre has a gallery dedicated to Whiteway's which reflects the important contribution this company made in shaping the village though that period of history.   This gallery is full of Whiteway's related artefacts and memorabilia that celebrate this iconic brand of the 19th & 20th centuries.  It is probably the largest collection of Whiteway's items in the world. 

Whiteways advertisement poster
Peardrax poster
Mr Whiteway
Whiteways factory
Cans of Whiteways Cydre
Whiteways Pony bottles + glass
Whiteways advertising map
Whiteways tin tray

Whiteway's related in-house magazine archive 

We hold a collection of the inhouse company magazines "SWAN" & "The Grapevine" from various months between 1978 and 1985. 

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