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Old Square 3.jpg

The Square.  1904?

Old people in square.jpg

The Square.  1904?

Old young man IN SQ.jpg
Old shops.jpg

Old shops in The Square

old Houses the GReen.jpg
Old wheelchair in Square.jpg
Old Church lane.jpg

Looking down Church Road to the church

old looking towards the green.jpg

Footpath looking towards The Green before development.

The Green.  The house in the foreground has since been demolished.

Whiteways delivery.png

Delivery to Whiteways Cyder Factory

Whitways bottling line.png
old Whimple Ralway station.jpg

The station when it still had two platforms

Whitways orchard.png

Whiteways Orchard

old farm.png
Whiteways demolish.png

Demolishing Whiteways

old webbers cottages whimple.jpg

Webber's Cottages

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